Honoring the Future represents a unique collaboration. We aim to partner with outstanding:

  • Museums and cultural organizations to create inspiring art exhibitions and public education programs on our climate challenge
  • Schools to pioneer arts-based, solution-oriented climate science education
  • Community organizations to build prepared, resilient, “climate smART” communities.
leaf Giving voice to artists, who, as close observers of nature, are responding to a changing natural environment with powerfully compelling art.  We seek to introduce the public to their work and explore its potential to inspire.
leaf Giving voice to students through arts-based climate science education that respects multiple forms of intelligence, reconnects students to nature, and empowers students to serve their communities. Our web platform will enable teachers to share lesson plans and students to showcase their climate-related artwork nationwide.
leaf Giving voice to the American people through educational programs designed to:

  • Stimulate deeper awareness of the import of climate change,
  • Catalyze robust public discussion of how we can best respond, and
  • Inspire personal and collective action.
leaf Creating an enduring legacy: Artists can lead, helping us understand, embrace, and surmount our climate challenge. Energized by their vision, communities gain from collaborating for successful climate action. Our innovative programs empower communities to initiate planning locally and expand their positive influence nationally.


Paula Winokur, Calving Gracier
Courtesy of the artist. More

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