Dear Student,

Today’s energy and lifestyle choices will have a huge impact on your future – and that of generations to come. So it is important that decision-makers hear your voice. What do you want to tell the world about climate change?

Thirty-seven students – from Philadelphia, PA, Hialeah, FL, and Washington, DC – answered this question by creating “tiles” expressing their concerns, hopes, and ideas about climate change. Many also wrote an “artist’s statement” explaining their thinking.

We photographed each student’s tile and assembled the photos and artist’s statements to form a Climate Art Mosaic.

Students from other communities can add their voices to the mosaic by creating their own tiles. The tiles can be made from any type of material – perhaps material that comes from, or is special to, your culture or environment.

As the mosaic increases in volume, it shows the growing strength of a community committed to solving our climate challenge. And, by collaborating to make a single artwork, we send the world an important message: to work together to build “climate smART” communities.

Please help spread these students’ voices by sharing this Climate Art Mosaic with as many people as you can. Thank you for being part of this effort!

Honoring the Future

To view the Climate Art Mosaic, click here.

To add your artwork and artist’s statement to the mosaic, ask your teacher or principal to contact Honoring the Future at

Patricia Johanson, Fair Park Lagoon Courtesy of the artist.
Patricia Johanson, Fair Park Lagoon, © Patricia Johanson 2014. Courtesy of the artist. More

Maya Lin, What Is Missing? The Empty Room
Courtesy of the artist and
What Is Missing? Foundation. More

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