Honoring the Future Launches Student Climate Art Mosaic

Honoring the Future® today launched the first installment of a national digital Climate Art Mosaic of student art expressing concerns, hopes, and ideas about climate change.

Students from Philadelphia’s Mishkan Shalom Synagogue School, the Hialeah, FL Educational Academy, and Martha’s Table School in Washington, DC each created a tile for the mosaic answering the question, “What do you want to tell the world about climate change?”

Martha's table City of Hialeah Educational Academy Student Art on Climate Change | Mishkan Shalom Synagogue School
Courtesy of students in Philadelphia, Hialeah, FL, and Washington, DC.


Many students also wrote an artist’s statement explaining their thinking. Statements ranged from the emphatic – “We. Need. Trees.” – to the determined: “We need to take care of this and once and for all end this so our animals won’t suffer because of our actions.”  They reflected modern culture: “Saving the planet is more important than posting selfies.” They exuded hope: “My tile is what I want the world to be: Peace. Peace for everyone and everything.  Help make that peace.  Together.”  And they radiated enthusiasm: “This project was one of the most fun projects EVER.”

Honoring the Future published photographs of each student’s work, along with their artist’s statement, in an online digital mosaic, which will expand with contributions from students in other communities.

“Our energy and lifestyle choices will have a huge impact on our young, so it is important that decision-makers hear from students,” said Fran Dubrowski, Director of Honoring the Future.  “The mosaic empowers students to add their voices – through visual and language art – to our national conversation on climate change.”

The mosaic teaches students to be good citizens.  “Honoring the Future exposed our students to the art form of ceramics, as well as the concept of social activism, teaching children how to speak out about causes that matter to them most and make a difference in their communities,” said John Cahill, a Lead Teacher at Martha’s Table School.

The mosaic also demonstrates the value of collaboration and shows how individuals can contribute to climate solutions. “As the mosaic grows with contributions from across the nation, it can inspire hope that we will come together to address climate change and make daily lifestyle choices which advance climate solutions,” Dubrowski added.

Teachers who would like their students to participate in the mosaic can contact Honoring the Future at info@honoringthefuture.org.